GE is a social app to unite humans to save the planet.

Mobile App  | June 2021
GE is a social app for good, that challenges us to level up for people and for planet. My task was to create an MVP design that would make it into the hands of our early adopters, and test the hypothesis that a gamified approach would inspire people to take action.

This project is slated to launch for alpha testing in September!
My Role
UX/UI Designer
User's pain points:
+ There are so many different global issues to focus on, people don't know where to start.
+ Inertia in getting out of existing habits. People need a push.
+ People don't believe that they can make a difference to the world.
The challenge:
The client had already estabilished themselves on social media, and had built up a small but loyal user base. The goal for the first app build, would be to get a product into the hands of users quickly, to start joining challenges, posting videos, and seeing their impact within one unified platform.
How do we get people to do good for the world?
While working under tight time constraints, I created designs that 1) met the brief and client expectations, while simultaneously 2) being something the developer team could turn around quickly.

I solved this by splitting the MVP into two versions - V0 and V1. The first version, built based on our internal company baseplate, could launch into development after 2 weeks. V1 was to deliver on more challenging, bespoke builds, ranging from the immersive swipe feed interface to the ripple feature.