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Good Empire
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UX/UI Designer
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Good Empire is a social app that unites humans to save the planet.

My task was to create an MVP design that would make it into the hands of our early adopters, and test the hypothesis that a gamified approach would inspire people to take action.

The Problem

The way we treat our planet is not sustainable.

People all around the world know this, and want to change our trajectory. And yet, most of us don’t actively do anything about it.

The major hurdles:

  1. There are so many different global issues to focus on, people don’t know where to start.
  2. There is inertia in getting out of existing habits. People need a push.
  3. People don’t believe that they as individuals can make a difference to the world.

Our Solution

Our goal was to create a platform to inspire, empower, and reward humans to unite and take action to save the planet.

For this engagement, we worked with strategy consultants Octalysis to flesh out how gamification techniques could motivate users to start taking action, and keep coming back to do it again and again.


I led the design and prototyping side of things, to deliver 

1. The V0 Designs

A product that aimed to get into the hands of users quickly, to start joining challenges and posting actions. This was to be built and shipped within 3 months. 

2. The V1 Designs

A minimum viable product that delivered the basic feature set of: Challenges, Actions, Impact Dashboard, Ripple Exploration. This design would incorporate more implicit and explicit gamification techniques.

Case study on my process coming soon!

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