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UX/UI Designer
Project year

Gro is a simple mobile app, designed to improve the grocery store experience.

I proposed Gro as part of my application to General Assembly's UXDI course.


This was actually my first UX project!

And I planned to follow my existing design process — how I’d approach this project based off my previous experience doing presentation booklets for design tenders in architecture

My process and presentation deck were structured as follows:

  1. Background
  2. Problems
  3. Solutions
  4. Proposal
  5. Visualisation

I was inspired to design this after a particularly frustrating grocery store run.

I just wanted to spontaneously make tacos  - but ingredient hunting was a HUGE hassle.

I started by defining who my target user was — afterall, the design depends on who is using the app right?

I basically just described myself, my habits and my frustration (and yes, now I know that I am not the user and this probably isn’t the best way to go for projects moving forward).

I felt that it was important to include, because my lifestyle and shopping habits at the time, when I was living in Shenzhen, were vastly different to my habits in Melbourne

Problems & Solutions

Why are grocery store runs sometimes so infuriating?!

I broke down the topic and my frustrations into a mind map to help clarify and separate the problems.

Writing my solutions out in the mindmap help me ideate, and I referred back to my inital collage multiple times to stay focused on the problem.

Visualising my thought process

While mentally combining the solutions into features & functionality, I also started to prioritise solutions in my mindmap, always referencing back to the target user’s goals at the grocery store.

Now that I think back on it, my whole research, synthesis and ideation phase were documented and organised in this chaotic mindmap.


Meet Gro

An app that helps you to buy only what you need.

Streamline your grocery shopping with Gro App.

Multiple grocery lists can be created according to different occasions and needs.

Displays Grocery Store options by how well they fit your grocery shopping needs.

Multiple grocery lists can be created according to different occasions and needs. Gro can give sale and discount alerts for items that are in lists.

Searchable map of grocery stores so you can get a general idea of size and layout before heading in.

Grocery lists can be loaded into maps to generate the most efficient route to pick up all the groceries.


I was accepted into General Assembly with this design task, and went on to complete their 12-week immersive UX course.

Looking at it retrospectively, my design vaguely followed a double diamond shape, but research was was pretty far off the mark. I definitely needed to speak to some other people to validate my assumptions!

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