January 2020
Project Overview
I proposed Gro as part of my application to the User Experience Design Immersive at General Assembly.
Gro is a simple mobile app, designed to improve the grocery store experience.
My Contributions
Gro was a 5 day solo project. I used Xmind and Adobe Illustrator as my main tools.

This was my first UX project!

I was inspired to design this one day, when I had a frustrating experience shopping at the grocery store.
I just wanted to spontaneously make tacos  - but ingredient hunting was a HUGE hassle.

And I planned to follow my existing design process — how I’d approach this project based off my previous experience doing presentation booklets for design tenders in architecture.

My process and presentation deck were structured as follows:
1. Background
2. Problems
3. Solutions
4. Proposal
5. Visualisation

Who's the user here?

I started by defining who my target user was — afterall, the design depends on who is using the app right?

I basically just described myself, my habits and my frustration (and yes, now I know that I am not the user and this probably isn’t the best way to go for projects moving forward).

I felt that it was important to include, because my lifestyle and shopping habits at the time, when I was living in Shenzhen, were vastly different to my habits in Melbourne.

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